Precision edge-to-edge fit on CAD/CAM wax.

CAD/CAM technology has become indispensable in almost every dental laboratory today. They save us a lot of time and, of course, increase the accuracy of restorations. We are going to talk about the latter in more detail today.

So how do you maximize the accuracy of the marginal fit of your restorations? Let's start, of course, with the impression, unless of course you have a digital one. First of all, you need to make a quality model. To do this, use a 4th grade cast, degrease the cast, follow the exact proportions when mixing the plaster and without turning it over put it under pressure in the sealing program. Then scan. Should I use the scanning spray or not? Ideally not! Any spray, no matter how good, gives a layer! It's better to use a cast labeled - for scanning. There are a lot of them on the market right now. But if you can't do without it, you have to be very careful when applying it. The layer should be thin and even.

So, there is a 3d model, the restoration is modeled. What nuances should be considered when milling. The main thing is the cutters! There is an opinion that it is possible to mill wax with any cutters, even after zirconia and plastic, because it's soft, what will it do? As a matter of fact it will! A dull tool cannot remove the wax layer properly, the cutter starts to heat up more, which leads to surface distortion and wax buildup. There should be a separate set of cutters for the wax! And then yes, it can be practically forever. Of course if it's a quality wax that doesn't contain titanium oxide!

Last but not least, the factor that affects the quality of milling on wax is the wax itself. We have a good selection in this segment as well. Companies like Ivoclar and yamahachi make a very good product. But our choice is SmolWax! This wax is more affordable, but it is superior to its competitors in many ways. And the combination of its physical properties makes it the ideal material to solve any wax modeling tasks in many laboratories in our country!