How to choose the best wax!

So, what parameters are worth paying special attention to when choosing a wax:

First, it is the melting point. Too high a melting point (like our Chinese counterparts) leads to many problems. The wax is more like plastic, and can tear the flasks when fired. The ideal temperature is between 110 and 120 degrees. At the same time, it does not lead when milling, and even in the mouth veneers made of such wax can be tried on (about this we will talk more in the next article). 
Secondly, it is density. It is very important for us that during the milling the wax does not spike, the edges are flat and the surface after the milling remains clean. And at the same time, the cutter should not get stuck in the wax, melting it. The wax should not stick to the tool, which can lead to product defect or mill breakage. The optimum density at 25 degrees is 0.89 - 0.95 g/cm3.
Third, it is, of course, the ash content. This is a very important parameter, especially for metal-free ceramics. Not only the quality of the surface (dark inclusions, pores), but also the color may suffer from high ash content. It is not acceptable when a manufacturer adds various pigments to the wax for opacity. For example, titanium oxide (white pigment). Titanium oxide not only has high ash content, but also serves as an abrasive for machine cutters. And then you and I are surprised that we are sawing wax, and cutters are blunt!
And then the technician is free to choose at his discretion the color, thickness, country of manufacture and even the smell of the wax blank)).
We, for ourselves, of course recommend our Russian wax SmolWax. Not because it is a domestic product made from domestic raw materials at the domestic plant (although also on that too ;) ). And because this wax is designed by dental technicians who have worked with wax for many years and know all the intricacies and nuances! And you yourself know that no one better than ourselves, the people who create beautiful smiles every day, "live" at work, will create the material better! A wax that will meet all of our needs!

Thank you for your time. Qualified doctors and understanding patients to you)).

Sincerely yours! M.P.A.