CAD CAM in dentistry.

CAD/CAM technology was first introduced to dentists in 1971, making it possible to simplify the process of making restorations. However, the machines used proved to be too cumbersome and difficult to operate, and the scanners produced serious errors that made it impossible to create models of high quality. With the development of technology, the quality indicators gradually shifted towards digital modeling. Now the classical method was in second place, yielding to innovative technology in terms of the main indicators.
This is largely due to the increasing accuracy of milling equipment, which has been achieved by reducing the diameter of the cutters. The following systems are now operating at this level in our country:
- Cerec;
- Organic;
- Katana and others.

The main features of Cad Cam.
CAD/CAM involves two components, namely design (Computer-Aided Design) and model making (Computer-Aided Manufacture). Everything takes place using computerized machines and scanners that help collect information on the necessary positions of the oral cavity, process it, and translate it into finished designs. Naturally, the role of a specialist in this process is not the last one, as control and modification of the data obtained is necessary. After converting the collected data and creating a three-dimensional model, the expert analyzes and adjusts it to the specific conditions of the patient. The converted file is transferred to the machine. The most modern solutions in terms of technical equipment are capable of performing tasks with full analysis of the qualities of the structure of the materials used.
This principle is used to produce crowns and bridges of various scales and degrees of complexity, telescopic and provisional crowns, inlays and veneers as well as dental implant abutments.

Smolensk trademark SmolWax
SmolWax trademark is the first domestic manufacturer of milling wax. What is not unimportant, it is made from Russian raw materials. The product is of very high quality and is not inferior, and in many respects even superior to imported counterparts. And this turned out due to the fact that his development and manufacturing people have worked with a huge professional experience in dentistry: Ph.D. Latyshev Alexander Vladimirovich and head of the dental laboratory Minchenko Paul Andreevich. The material has already been appreciated by many dental laboratories and dental clinics in our country. The next goal of the specialists set the output of the brand on the international market. A team from the Smolensk Region Export Support Center has already started helping them with this. Consultation and preparation of step-by-step instructions for entering the foreign market had already been carried out. The work was done in the shortest possible time and with high professionalism, for which special thanks to Boldinskaya Viktoria, a specialist in international promotion.