Toothache Day!

It is already a good tradition to celebrate the International Dentist's Day on February 9 is gradually gaining popularity in many countries. This holiday is jokingly referred to as Toothache Day.

SmolWax team congratulates the wonderful doctors who make our lives brighter and more beautiful, giving us perfect smiles and our teeth health and strength. Wishes that their work brings them pleasure. That the constant development of medicine and advanced technology make your work easier, more pleasant and comfortable. Wishes you prosperity in life, and only gratitude and respect in the eyes of grateful patients. Happy Holidays!
Interesting facts about dentistry

Dentists are one of the oldest professions. Ancient "dentists" used a prototype of the first drill 9,000 years ago. Such an unexpected discovery was made by scientists from the USA and France. Examining the remains of people who lived in the 6-4 centuries BC found in the Pakistani province of Baluchistan, they found in some teeth made during the life of a nearly perfect hole diameter 1-3 millimeters deep to 3.5 millimeters. The art of ancient "dentists" is also evidenced by the fact that in a number of cases hard-to-reach molars were drilled, and one of the holes was on the inner side of the jaw.

Pierre Fauchard began to develop modern dentistry: he wrote many works. The idea of inserting gold crowns and covering teeth with porcelain was his. Pierre Fauchard invented plates for aligning teeth, a system of lenses through which light can better penetrate into the oral cavity. The doctor became the founder of the first dental schools.

In Russia, dentistry was developed by Peter I. He personally studied the profession and practiced it on his courtiers. On his initiative in 1710 the concept of "dentist" appeared. Modern dentistry is very advanced. Now patients feel almost no pain in the dental chair.

In Russia, International Dentist Day has been celebrated for several years, and each year it becomes more and more popular. And on March 6 the world celebrates another holiday of specialists of this profession - the International Day of the Dentist! So it is not long to wait!