We make the best CAD / CAM wax for dentistry

Developed and manufactured in Russia. High production technologies, modern components. Superior to imported analogues.
Trademark  «SmolWax»
The SmolWax trademark, the first domestic manufacturer, offers its customers a wide range of washers made of high-quality wax for CAD / CAM modeling. Here you will always find a large selection of washers of different sizes and colors. A specially developed wax formula allows you to model the most delicate restorations with high accuracy.

The composition of the wax is superior in quality to imported analogues. You can buy our products in the online store, and ask questions on our forum.
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High quality modeling wax made in Russia. It has a number of advantages:
- ashless wax composition is ideal for the manufacture of metal-free structures.

- Flawless precision of even the most delicate restorations.

- has no balance on the model, even with a long structure.

- does not require milling because can be easily processed with a scalpel.

- the material gives a clear imprint of the copy paper, which ensures easy operation in the articulator.

We make the best dental wax

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